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Uma ferramenta de rastreio para páginas na internet.

( sites, blogs, etc... )
clipped from basicstat.com

  • Comprehensive statistics updated in real time

  • Option to make statistics publicly viewable or to the user only

  • The ability to modify account settings (such as counter style, password, etc.)

  • The ability to track both uniques visits and page hits

  • The ability to not count hits from the account holder's IP address

  • The ability to delete stats

  • Automated recovery of lost information (such as user id/username/password)

  • Optional inclusion in TopList of most visited sites using the counter service

  • A graphical counter, including the option of "stealth counters" that do not display the number of hits to the public

Account Features:
Stats Features:

  • Visitor Activity

  • Hourly Visitors Report

  • Top Visited Pages

  • Last Visited Pages

  • Top Referrers

  • Last Referrers

  • Top Keywords

  • Last Keywords

  • Top Search Engines

  • Operating Systems In Use

  • Web Browsers In Use

  • Screen Resolutions In Use

  • Detailed Analysis Of The Last Visitors

Basicstat.com - My visitors world map

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